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The Prestonfield Neighbourhood Project is a charity organisation, founded by Prestonfield activists in 1988, which focuses on care for the elderly from our neighbourhood centre on Prestonfield Avenue.

The Project started initially offering advice and information for older people in the Community of Prestonfield and the wider South Edinburgh area. Despite the City of Edinburgh Council withdrawing funding, we still offer a reduced advice and information service.

In 1995, we received funding from a private charity to build and then open Prestonfield Neighbourhood Centre – a centre allowing people to meet and be socially active thus reducing the social isolation older people faced. The community soon learned this was the place to come for help, advice and social care.

Today, we provide a whole range of services for older people in the community from our neighbourhood center including Lunch Clubs, Day Care, Dementia Day Care, a Men’s Group, Carer Support, a Personal Footcare service, various social events, as well as a “Heat and Eat” service in the winter months plus much more.

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Our Management Team

A person can be elected onto the Management Group if they live or work in the area of benefit or have an interest or knowledge of the work the Project undertakes for Older People in the Community.

Moira O'Neill


Brian McCombe

Vice Chairperson

Tola Odewusi


Nan Moan


Ann Dobie


Mary Francis Smart


Our Staff

Linda Wright

Project Coordinator

Lisa Redpath

Senior Day Care Manager

Petrea Imrie

Social Care Worker

Usha Lowrie

Social Care Worker

Dolina Mitchell

Social Care Worker

Justine Grieve

Social Care Worker

Angie Martin


Lesley Robertson

Social Care Worker

Fiona McMorran

Social Care Worker

Angela Lonie

Social Care Worker

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